First Red Bank Baptist Church
  First Red Bank Baptist Church was first a primitive baptist church around 1819. The first building, made of logs, was torn down and rebuilt about 1870. The church and community had a pie supper to raise money to buy the bell which is located in the new sign that was built in April of 2014. 
  The church has been reorganized several times. The last time was in the early 1960′s. Land was bought on Newport Highway and a new church was built there. Some members chose not to move with the majority and stayed. On October 15th 1964, a meeting was called to form Old Red Bank Baptist Church. Reverend Joel Carr was called as pastor. The charter members were: Bill Elder Sr., Louis Booher, Lydia Booher, Roberta Rainwater, Bob McCarter, Betty McCarter, Charles Rainwater, Helen Rainwater, Vella Roberts, Viola McCarter, John Taffer, Eliza Taffer, Bonnie Mayfield, Wilma Mayfield, Kathy Williams, Edward Mayfield, and Mary Elder.
Reverend Walter Owenby  was called as pastor on November 21st 1965 until July 31st 1966
Reverend Joe Carr was recalled as pastor from January 1st 1967 until April 6th 1969
Reverend Willie Neal was called as pastor August 3rd 1969 until May 31st 1970
Reverend Tommy Hill was called as pastor May 31st 1970 until March 7th 1971
 Reverend Holbert Maples was called as pastor April 4th 1971 until February 25th 1973
 During his time as pastor on September 5, 1971, Old Red Bank Baptist Church officially changed it’s name to First Red Bank Baptist Church, claiming the right to be know as the original body.
Reverend Eddie Whaley was called as pastor July 29th 1973 until September 8th 1974
Reverend Otis Passat was called as pastor February 9th 1975 until July 18th 1976
Reverend Joe Rogers was called as pastor until November 20th 1977
Tim McCarter served from March 12th 1978 until February 11th 1979
Eugene Smelcer served from May 20th 1979 until October 5th 1981
Reverend Dennis Stapelton and Kenny Blalock served as pastors for an unknown time from March 2nd 1983 until 1991
  Reverend William (Bill) Merritt became the pastor in May 1991. During his leadership the church grew with new memberships, but most importantly  grew spiritually. March 4th 2004, ground was broken by Robbie Rainwater Meyers and work began on the new church building. The fellowship hall was completed by December of that year and church members and guest were able to have the first church dinner. Sunday morning April 2nd 2006, church members met at the old church building for the last time and walked from the old church to the new church for their first service. Reverend Bill Merritt went to be with the Lord on April 9th of 2011.
  Travis Weeks filled in some for the late  Pastor Bill Merritt and then later that year he was elected pastor on August 3rd of 2011 and served  until August 2013.
  Reverend Robert (Bobby) Owens came to preach in October of 2013 and filled in until February 16th 2014. He was elected and currently serves as the pastor. God continues to bless with growth in membership and youth. We are now serving the Lord with the use of our new internet website where we are now getting out the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide through our YouTube channel. In 2016 a devastating fire that spread form the Smoky Mountains into Gatlinburg led to the pastor opening a new mission called THE MIGHTY WINDS OF PENTECOST. The primary purpose was to serve the people that lost everything from the fires giving them food, water, clothes, hygiene products and many other items. The mission continues to serve people in need for our area.